happy monday!

hello you big beautiful world!

i'm back and the conference is finito. i've still got quite the to-do list but i always find that running events takes the biggest chunk out of my time, energy and attention span. it ran super-smoothly and had great feedback and
generated some fantastic ideas , so i consider it to be a success. high five!

i have a lil bit of exciting news for today - a lil while ago, marta had asked me to be part of her blog panel on beauty, and i was more than honoured to accept! be sure to check out all of my expert (ha!) advice, along with the answers from the other awesome panelists here.

for now, i have to get to writing a few reports and articles, but a bit of bloggy love before i go:

holly from decor8 loves canadian house and home, and so do i.
some kickin photos over at please sir (love that airstream!)
i'm loving blair's schoolroom design obsession

how was your weekend? i've missed you guys!

images above via decor8, via H&H


Julia said...

Missed you too! I'm so glad the conference is over :) These are such great photos!

kiddlebug said...

I love H & H too. The latest issue makes me want to go garage saleing.

SleightGirl said...

I always have quite the to do list too...everytime I check something off, at least three things get added to it.

Tiffany said...

Love those pics, and loved your advice on Marta's panel!

Crystal said...

I picked you for the Kreativ Blogger Award - just come see my blog and accept if you wish!

Rachel Follett said...

Love your delightful inspirational photos you posted. Sounds like you have been a busy. This week is starting off the same way. I am off to check out Marta's blog.

paula said...

I am in love these photos. Great color without feeling too much. Now off to Marta's blog!

Massacremike said...

Monday. How I hate you.

PS~Erin said...

Wonderful photos... I especially love those two bright bathrooms!

Blair said...

Oh, love all of these spaces--such wonderful color in all of them. That gray rug with the yellow table in the first space is divine!


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