new shop + around town

i just came across the most awesome lil shop via modish - the found paper company. the retro-chic stuff featured in the shop is just too awesome for words - be sure to check out the shop as well as the blog!

today - although i'm on vacation, arianne and i are heading back onto campus for her first-year enrolment appointment. she's starting her undergrad degree in kinesiology in september and her schedule is shaping up to be super interesting (albeit busy). (uh, taking yoga and ballroom dance as part of your degree?! heck yeah!) after that, we're gonna go out for lunch and then there's that blue jays game with our student staff.

i could most definitely do with a few more days like this.


Amanda Nicole said...

Go Jays!

cabin + cub said...

i had to heart her shop, since its so darned cute!
enjoy your vacation! ;)

picciolo said...

that sounds like a great day, and what a great shop
: )

Anonymous said...

what a great shop!

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Great montage!


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