not a drop to drink

erin posted about this awesome documentary and i just had to share it.

this one's another one i've been wanting to see for a while.

i'm a documentary fanatic, so please - if you've come across any recently (or not so recently!) that you'd recommend, please please let me know!


Jessica Marie said...

thanks for sharing! i love documentaries as well..

our little love nest said...

Thanks for sharing. I buy bottled water all the time. Good to think about and change my perspective. I didn't see Erin's post on it till now. :)

Julia said...

Oohh, I wonder if I'll be getting of these here in Madison!

Massacremike said...

Never fear, Mike is here! And I have Flow all lined up for us to watch ;)

Jessica Marie said...

i've been thinking about switching from bottled water to a water filter and this just made my decision for me.


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