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happy canada day!

i'm going to keep this one short - partly because it's a holiday and partly because my allergies are going haywire today. i've been sneezing and sniffling my way through the morning in hopes that my medication would kick in, but to no avail. it's time for a serious nap - i'm crossing my fingers that the pollen count goes down by the time i'm awake and ready to roll.

despite the persistently bipolar weather that we've been having over the course of the week, i'm deciding to remain optimistic that it'll cheer up for a span of more than an hour. given our mid-week holiday, many of the traditionally scheduled street festivals are running this weekend instead of on canada day actual, so it's gonna be an awesome weekend filled with visits to markham's annual ribfest and to stouffville's strawberry festival. it's gonna be a great weekend with gorgeous weather (no rain!) and good food to boot.

to give it some encouragement, i've chosen some summery dresses in cheery colours along with footwear and jewelry to match. now - if only the weather would take the hint!

images via polyvore


cindy : quaint said...

happy canada day! love your red and turquoise selections.

Gallery32 said...

Happy Canada Day! I love summer dresses :)

Amanda Nicole said...

The weather's been gorgeously sunny here in Vancouver, but the wind! so cold!

I hope you're able to enjoy some festivities - Happy Canada!

Rachel Follett said...

Happy Canada day! Lovely summer finds!

Blair said...

My allergies are going crazy too! I adore all the colors in the pieces you chose! Happy Canada day to you!

paula said...

may I have it all?


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