ok, maybe just one sitcom.

i'm really surprised at the responses to my post about my cable-free existence.

specifically, i didn't realize how many people didn't have cable to start with (either as a conscious choice or a money-saving option). maybe it's because - as far as i know - the rates for cable charged differently than they are in canada. is it an american thing, or have i just been living under a rock my whole life - or maybe - i've just been too busy watching tv?

my friend duncan is the one person i know who who didn't have cable growing up - and funnily enough, even now he's a super creative & interesting person who's always up to something new.

true story - one time i called him to ask what he was up to, and he said, very matter-of-factly, "i'm returning a trombone".

a what? why?

"well," he said, "i've always wanted to learn how to play. so i rented one, and now i'm returning it."

the funny thing was, it made perfect sense. i'd just never known any other 22-year old guys who would up and rent a trombone for the hell of it.

he also cooks up a storm, bakes a mean pie from scratch, is an awesome artist who taught himself how to airbrush (i believe that was after the trombone affair), listens to music from the 20's and has a wicked sense of humor.

and yes, ladies, he's taken.

anyhow - the point is, this no-cable thing has always been a bit of an enigma to me. and now i'm a no-cable person. sweet.

for the record:
  • most of the shows that i love so dearly are available through various tv streaming sites, as well bits and bites through the various network websites. my brother uses this quite often, but i can't remember what the site is called. the quality varies a bit, which can be a bit of a downer if you're watching it on a larger screen.

  • mike downloads a ton of shows for me from a bunch of sites including eztv (which looks like it's currently down but promises to be back up soon) and pirate bay. it definitely helps scratch the itch when it gets itchy. plus - you can burn it to dvd and watch it on your tv if your player is DIVX compatible (it'll likely have the DIVX logo on the top, if you're not sure.) for more of the techy work-arounds for non-cable peeps, check out his blog - he posts his resources there quite often.


Michelle said...

I don't have cable!! In fact I didn't even have a tv in my apartment until my boyfriend and I moved in together. I think I just have too many other hobbies! :)

Kate8085 said...

We are cutting ours down this week.
We have an outrageous package, every movie channel known to man, etc..
I love TV, I can't help it.
We are so busy these days, though, that its time to cut back.
It will help our bank account too.

Julia said...

God bless the no-cable people :)

Bri said...

It's called hulu - the streaming video site. :) I'm not totally unplugged.

And I'm also taken, but too bad! Sounds like a catch. :)

Winklepots said...

I'm a Hulu addict and hardly turn on the real thing anymore, even after springing for the movie channels and the big screen downstairs. It's just like having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. You get a zillion channels and nothing worth watching. :oP

cindy said...

cable does seem so old-fashioned when you can access so much online. i'm happy as long as there is some kind of noise other than static ;).

Anonymous said...

We had the bare minimum of TV when I was little and even then, we were never allowed to watch it. I remember being outside and knowing my mom was watching Wheel of Fortune....so I went to the front of the house where the big picture window was, stood on the back of the van, and peeked through the window to watch the show. Desperate times call for desperate measures :D

My friends used to always laugh at me because when I went to their houses I was entranced with any TV show that happened to be on. The couldn't get me away from it.

I'm a creative person, love having the time to do my creative thing, but I've never given up my love for a good TV show!

Hubby and I live without TV in the summertime and enjoy the treat of it in the winter. It saves us time and helps us actually get things done in the summer!

Michelle Brunner said...

I love the story about your friend Duncan...all of the people I know (all three of them) who did not have cable growing up are also amazingly creative and always trying something new...maybe there is something there...hmmm...

I to will also be forgoing cable soon so I am super excited to transform into an uber creative individual:)

cabin + cub said...

i played the trombone.. so hooray for duncan for trying it out!

hulu doesn't work here in canada, anyone know of another site? :(

DJ said...

hulu.com will fill your time if you miss cable at all. Great website.

That's so funny about the trombone. I recently bought a violin to play because I've always wanted to - I have a video, so we shall see how much my neighbors hate me in the next month.


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