oh yeah, uh huh

a big ole apology goes out to all of you guys who ended up snacking on a cupcake or three because of yesterday's cupcake post. one benefit from it, though, is that genevieve mentioned in the comments that she'll be baking some tiramisu cupcakes very soon. maybe if i'm nice, she'll let me do an exclusive cupcake review.

what do you say, gen? yum.

this weekend: heading up to my dad's place for some much-needed r+r. gonna lay in the hammock and read, unless it rains. if it rains, i'm going to get some painting done. finally!

what've you got lined up this weekend?


Beth said...

With luck, a whole lot of nothing this weekend... lol

Amanda Nicole said...

Sounds lovely! I don't think I'm doing anything this weekend. Maybe a scooter ride, maybe a picnic, maybe a farmer's market. Have a good one!

Kate8085 said...

I love that pic!
I am hopping on a plane with the hubs to spend a couple days at the beach!

Toothfairynotes said...

oh what a wonderful pic, it just makes you feel ligth and happy haha!


Anonymous said...

Nothing much... just have to clean up my craft room... it's a mess! I think I may try baking some cupcakes... inspiration from your post:)


PS~Erin said...

Have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!


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