0 for 2

ok, so i'm on a music kick this week. i was working late last night and had my music on shuffle, and india arie's "this too shall pass" came on. i love that song. so i played it three times on repeat, just because there was nobody else around to hear it and complain about the repetitiveness.

it's one of those songs that only she can do so well - she's so soulful and hopeful and it's a beautiful, beautiful thing, and so i wanted to listen to it a few more times today. (ha!)

yesterday: let's just say that the evening didn't go as planned. worked late, then decided to eat out with mike instead of cooking. by the time i got home it was 9:30 which was way too late to start dyeing hair and so i did a few things before bed. tonight will be the night of getting stuff done. painting, dyeing, and then whatever i feel like.

perhaps a little bit of reading?

here we go - it's almost friday!


Amanda Nicole said...

You're right - it IS almost Friday! Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the share...happy almost friday.

Gallery32 said...

Happy almost Friday :)

Robin H. said...

Great song!

cabin + cub said...

i can listen to certain song on an endless repeat.. i know what you mean. yay for friday tomorrow!


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