the cure for a bad day

yesterday as i was driving home from work, there were some little kids at a roadside stand (aka fisher price table) selling freshly picked raspberries. being a veteran proprietor of a number of roadside stands myself, i can never say turn one down.

i pulled over my car and bought two little "trays" of them, made from paper bags. too cute. they'll be going deliciously with some vanilla yogurt and granola.

yesterday: was just one of those days. you know? a few things got under my skin in a hardcore kind of way and so today will be spent sorting them out; my reward for getting it done today is to go to unionville for a little walk and then perhaps a single scoop of moose tracks ice cream in a cone.

yeah. that should do it.


cabin + cub said...

mmm. fresh berries are the best!

are you going to make jam?..heehee.
i have been eating mine fresh and frozen... still haven't "made" anything with mine

Kate8085 said...

Yum! Those look delicious!

Ice cream is the cure all for any bad day! Make today a good one!

picciolo said...

oh they look delicious! I love the paper bag trays as well, what a great idea
: )

cindy : quaint said...

the raspberries look even better in combination with your story. hope you had a better day, today. monday was my ugh day.

erin said...

these look so delicious! and oh me oh my, i passed a lemonade stand today and had not one red cent with which to patronize the little stand! i've been grumpy ever since, but reading this made me feel better! thank you.

Amanda Nicole said...

I love the little paper trays! And the berries look perfect.

Going for a walk and getting ice cream is my tried-and-true way of lifting my own spirits. Hope it works for you too!

paula said...

now this sounds perfect.


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