hello, universe

while it's still gray and cloudy here in toronto, it's at least finally stopped raining and i've finally stopped sneezing. sweet.

it's also been a little while since i've shared some of my most recent flickr faves with you - surprise, surprise, but the majority of the shots i've been coming across and hearting lately give me that warm fuzzy summer feeling. the lighting, the colours, the ambiance. so lighthearted!

today: lazing around. i'll likely get some drawing done this afternoon and maybe watch a movie. mike wants to hit up the used bookstore so perhaps we'll do that as well. we'll float and see where thursday takes us - i'm in my comfy pants and am ready to rock. now - where will the day take me?

1. busy, 2. sweet little things of sweet little child., 3. In The Floodlight, 4. once i wanted to be, 5. apple green, 6. saturday morning sunshine, 7. we become silhouettes, 8. numeral types, 9. hole, 10. tea and chopsticks, 11. On tiptoes, 12. Fairground, 13. (explored!), 14. Paths, 15. Untitled, 16. thirtythree, 17. Let me sit here for a while, 18. Piensos equilibrados, 19. Palacios de la Sierra, 20. Typewriter Hammers, 21. eternal moment / momento eterno, 22. Keep smiling, 23. Coffee and chocolate, 24. Untitled, 25. lightnings are cool., 26. 3549934446_3ea858dcc0, 27. Red Bike,Pink Wall and Shadows near Sunset ~, 28. Classic Bicycles, 29. Toolshed at the Secret Garden {64.365}, 30. Mission Street Lightscape 8:20 pm {22.365}, 31. Hooded Man Beside Road, 32. Full S-T-O-P {49.365}, 33. Esther, red hallway, Seattle Library, 34. starlings, 35. Where the Sidewalk Ends, 36. ...and they all lived happily ever after. `


cindy : quaint said...

i love your mosaic. have a nice weekend!

Deirdre of Kitchen Stories said...

Don't you love how you can seemingly traverse the world through Flickr? Very great collection!

Amanda Nicole said...

I love not having plans. Have a happy weekend!


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