sweetness + rain

oh - hello monday!

t-minus two days until i take off for a few days for a girls getaway in quebec city - and it couldn't be more perfectly timed! i haven't been back there since i worked there as a tour guide seven years ago (seven! i can hardly believe it!) and i miss it like you wouldn't believe.

i've never been to europe, so quebec city is my little taste of the trips to come (sooner or later, i'll make it over there - mark my words).

this weekend: seemed to whiz by in a flash. i went for my first-ever professional massage, which was absolutely lovely. i tried my best to relax but i find some days i have too many things that i can't block out of my head, but it was great nonetheless. i'll definitely be going back and next time, i'm just gonna be sure to enjoy it. no work-related thoughts of any kind. true story. the upside is, is that later on that afternoon i got some artwork done, which i find pretty relaxing - sketches of paige's house that i'll hopefully have painted within the week. sweet.

liam and i hung out for a lil bit and watched some of the incredibles (that is, i watched it and liam was up and down and up and down and up again to pat the dog, visit his mom, look out the window, play with a few toys, and back again. he's the best three-year-old multitasker that i know.

i also tried out martha's recipe for vanilla-roasted peaches with raspberries and vanilla ice cream. it was pretty good, although i couldn't quite shake the feeling that there needed to be some sort of crumble or crust with it. also, some spices - maybe some cinnamon or nutmeg or something. i'm gonna give it another whirl for sure with a few alterations.

crumble or no crumble, it was still a sweet little change-up from our traditional dessert fare of fudgee-o's or brownie sundaes, so i'd recommend it to anyone who's got a craving for something sweet but who isn't looking for chocolate.

this week: aside from our quebec trip, one of these days, it'll stop raining and i'll actually be able to go berry picking. then i'm gonna make some jam. does anyone have a great recipe for raspberry jam or jelly?


kiddlebug said...

Drool! That looks so good! Have fun in la belle province.

found paper co. said...

That dessert sounds divine, and I agree that a crumble or crust would perfect it! Yum.

MyStyles said...

that looks so yummy!

Amanda Nicole said...

It all sounds lovely! I love Martha's website, but sometimes I find the recipes are so unassuming that you need to add a bit of oomph to them. The dish certainly looks wonderful, though :)

picciolo said...

have a good trip, those peaches look delicious!
: )

Michelle Brunner said...

I am hungry just looking at this picture! I will have to give it a go! Enjoy your trip, sounds divine!

Bri said...

Have so much fun! When I was there I was really struck by how European it is. It's kind of surprising. But so lovely! I bet you'll have a great time.

paula said...

I will need to check this recipe out. I have some peaches ready.

Blair said...

Oh! I always like a little crumble in my fruit desserts. Curious to see how the second try goes!


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