01. this coinpurse makes me happy just lookin' at it. the colour
combination is so unusual but so perfect at the same time.
02. this yarn makes me want to learn how to knit
this necklace is so super citrus-y cool it's irresistible
these dishes make me want to have an awesome kitchen to store
them in, and cook delicious food to serve on them
05. this wristlet has so many awesome colours and patterns, it makes
me dizzy {but in a good way}
06. this photo construct
this photo print is so simple and gorgeous
these mugs make me feel like i should be sitting in a castle,
drinking a hot cup of mead, even though i'm not quite sure
what mead is. i dont think i'd like it, but it looks like the
type of thing that would go in these mugs. or a gorgeous cup of
white hot chocolate. that would do as well.
09. this photograph ... he's one of my favourite etsy photographers
and this photo was the first that i'd ever seen of his work.
10. this notebook. green and pink and orange? how could i resist?
these earrings. augh. auuuuuugh.


Art Kitten said...

oh I sooo want those dishes!!!

Julia said...

Ohh! I love this list! I found new favorites! Thank you for including my journal :) Made my morning!


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