friday awesomeness

so it's snowing again.

apparently winter didn't take any heed of my dear john letter that i'd written it the other day; the snow started at about 3pm and is supposed to go until 8pm or so tomorrow evening. 25cm in 36 hours. which is okay, cause we've got enough groceries to last us at least early into the week (thanks, suppersolved!) so we wont have to venture out in the snow and slush, except for the new student open house tomorrow and getting my hair cut afterwards. nice.

some nice things today: firstly, i got an awesome heads up from Julia that she had used my pendant in her citrus and berries treasury on etsy. sweeeeet! what an awesome way to start the day. she's spectacular, honestly. i purchased her strawberry delight journal and let me tell you - it's too pretty to write in. i'd bought it to start writing quotes and good things in since marta's mini diaries sold out... but no matter how incredible the quote, i can't bring myself to write in it.


i'll find something though.

another awesome thing is that i've been buckling down a little bit to pick a fabric for my reupholstery project. dont get me wrong - i still havent picked anything. oh no, most certainly not. but i'm looking. which is more than i could say for myself a few weeks ago, right?

i've found these four on amy butler's website and {surprise surprise} i like the green rococo one best. but i'm trying to be open minded and go with a different colour, especially since i've no idea what my new place is going to look like, or if i'll even be able to paint. i keep thinking i should go with a plain jane classic colour like beige or black for the chair itself, then sew myself a few awesome pillows to match my mood. or my outfit for that day. whatever.

either way, it seems like it's not going to be too difficult of a project since the chair itself is a simple straight-lined piece without any tricky twists and turns .. so i could always do it a bold red or orange to satiate me until the novelty wears off then re-reupholster. ha.


Art Kitten said...

Julia's journals are really incredible, aren't they? Congrats on the treasury feature!

Julia said...



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