oh dear, i've found more things to love

found a new favourite really-want-to-have thing from heath ceramics, on design*sponge :

i've had a thing lately for ceramic vessels. any shape... generally i've been loving black and white ones (there were so many of them too at canada blooms!) but these ones are so awesome as well... lil round jugs. aw.

ok, so i know that this bag is supposed to be a picnic bag but i'd love to use it as a purse. or a small carry-on bag (for all of the trips i go on, right?) i've been loving the orange lately... almost as much as i've been loving the black and white ceramic vessels. almost. almost. aw. again.

shapely awesomeness. i want them now. and i want them to have some flowers in them. y'know, flowers of the spring kind. i'm mentally willing the snow to melt today. melt!

i love teapots. 'nuff said.
i took a ton of pictures at canada blooms yesterday; i'm going to pick out a few of my favourites and post them up -- i've got about 40 to wade through (and trust me, i'd have more if it weren't for the fact that my batteries were dying.) aw. more to come, most likely tomorrow. i have a date with the sims 2 for the afternoon. a disgusting waste of time, i know, but i haven't just done *nothing* in such a long time. i think it's overdue.

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Art Kitten said...

oh these are beautiful. I especially like the rows of vessels with the green sprigs, ugh it makes me want spring to come even sooner!


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