lets all welcome the new kid on the block

new listing! huzzah! it's been a while (too long. honestly!) i've a few others that i'm going to get listed in the next few days, all made out of bamboo clips. you wouldnt think that you'd be able to tell a difference, but you can.. it's nice and smooth without even having to sand it.

these lil babies are made from one of my favourite (and most versatile!) stamps, and i love the way the black embossing stands out so kick-assedly from the pale blue paper. i'm thinking that i might glue some of the little earth magnets that i bought to the back in order to make them into magnetic clips... or maybe even some thumbtacks for those people who have pushpin walls at work... depending on demand, of course.

they really are awesomeness in a clip. what i'll do next is start designing my own patterns and use them for these, as well as with my marble magnets (which [un]fortunately got sold before they could get listed); not that i'm complaining - they totally flew after i did the ladies' coffee with a difference session in december. thanks, ladies!


Massacremike said...

These look tres sexy!
And nice photos I might add!

Can you perhaps be coaxed into making some zombie themed clips?



Art Kitten said...

These are wonderful! What a fun idea, nice work, Wunderbug!


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