i think i want to learn to knit.

i already have needles; they were one of the few things i wanted of my gramma's when she passed away six years ago. (has it been six already?)

apparently knitting is most definitely not like learning to ride a bike; i've learned to knit at least three times now but it's never quite stuck with me. who woulda thought that knitting hotpads for your pots wouldn't thrill a kid into knitting for the rest of her life? i'd even tried crotcheting without much luck (but many many tangles).

but i've been seeing so many featured .. uh... knots of wool (what's the 'industry' term for those gorgeous little formations that the wool-people knot 'em up in?) lately on etsy, i cant help but want to make myself cute little scarf-and-hatsets for next winter.

(image sources clockwise from top left:


Art Kitten said...

oh yes, me too. I keep telling myself that I am going relearn how to know, but other things keep getting in the way. Seeing these lovely moss colored skeins may get me motivated.

wunderbug said...

skeins! that's the word!

Art Kitten said...

Glad I could (unknowingly) help you out!


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