happy saturday + more clippy love

and boy do i need it. this week has been mental - next week's not lookin much better.. but it's all adrenaline right? you've gotta pace yourself and manage your time otherwise you get all burned out... and i've got at least 2 weeks to go {at least until my paper's due}.

i think i might do my paper on surveillance culture since the start of the iraq war, in light of the US patriot act. we did a section on jeremy bentham's conception of an all-visible prison, the panopticon, so working from that and using jodi dean's concept of the celebrity mode of subjectivization {as how people become comfortable with and accept this type of society}, comparing this nicholas mirzoeff's discussion on foucaultian perspectives of the panopticon... i think it'll be pretty sweet. just need to make an outline + solidify an argument for it, which i plan on doing at the kick-ass markham library today.

libraries and i have always had a 'thing' like that... i love being in them. i could spend hours in them, and this one in particular doesn't make it hard at all. newly renovated and bright, with cushy chairs and side tables next to ever {floor-to-ceiling} window, the days of dark, dusty + dingy libraries are long gone. being in them reminds me of lunch hour and my spare in high school, when i'd go up and find a cozy place between the bookshelves, find a good book, sit, and read the hour away. i'd even skip class to go hang out in the library. how dorky is that?

when mike and i went down to st jacobs last summer, we came across an old bookstore... not just used books, but old and antique books. i didnt bring my camera with me that day, but i took some shots with my crappy 2 megapixel cell phone camera that just didn't do it justice. not to wax poetic or anything, but there was just something beautiful about the spines of those old books, lined up in rows and rows of shelves. or maybe i'm obsessive compulsive.

speaking of old books, i've listed a few new clips on etsy. i've really been trying to focus on taking interesting shots so i used an old book that i'd picked up from a different used bookstore. check 'em out! the colours and the item description in particular make me happy. i love it when i come up with a great description - makes me feel like my creative juices are flowing.

i digress. today: going to the gym to do some elliptical {what does one do on an elliptical anyhow? cause you're not running. ellipse? i'm going to ellipse on the elliptical?} and then i've got yoga after that. once i'm all stretched out from that, i'll be working on my paper and then coming home where my mom is makin' hamburgers for dinner and then we'll be going to my neighbour's surprise birthday party. woot! lets get this gorgeous sunny four degrees out day started. spring has {kinda} sprung!

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