the to-do list

these are in no particular order. i just need to get some sort of organization back so that i can get back in the swing of things. work has been particularly busy so i havent had much chance to take mini-breaks throughout the day to read blogs, and i've a paper due on April 11th along with a conference on April 4-6 so it's taken a bunch of prep time out of me (the paper, not so much the conference...) but. in the meanwhile, my head's been spinning with an ever-expanding to-do list

01. catch up on all of the blogs i've missed reading this week.
02. get my routine back. {hello routine, i've missed you!}
03. get the remaining stuff that i havent yet listed on etsy, listed.
04. maintain best friendship with the elliptical at the gym. spring is coming, after all!
05. save money for a down payment on a house. no, seriously.

{yes yes, i know number 5 is a bit more of a biggie but i'd like to get a move-on in this real-estate game... i feel like i'm hella behind everyone else i went to school with and i'm only 25. sheesh!} over to mls.ca i go. back tomorrow for more bloggy love and most likely, more to-do's.

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Julia said...

I've MISSED YOU!!! Come back to blog world soon :) And while you're doing the massive paper and meetings and such, make sure to reward yourself at the end of the day!


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