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shyeah. read this post.

" I know that the details are our fabric. I know that the sum of our parts and moments and magics are everything. That's who I am. I move very fast, but I live very slowly "

amen sista! so true. she's one very wise person, that kal barteski. i want to buy her book. and hang out with her. and be her friend. and adopt her super-positive (but not saccharine fairy-tale) outlook on all things life.

it's a work in progess. i'll keep you updated.

today: work's still busy ... i'm lovin' it. listening to feist and working on all things training for our incoming student staff. (there's something about playing "sea-lion woman" on a sunny day when you're in a good mood that makes you feel like you're rockin' through all the work you have to do).

tonight: goin on a dinner (and hopefully bookstore?) date with mike tonight as i'm going back to st jacobs with my mom and my sister and her friend this weekend, so we wont get to hang out. then i've gotta do laundry and pack.

oh plus, i brought vanilla frozen yogurt, healthy brownies, sliced almonds and strawberries along with chocolate sauce and my coworkers and i are going to make brownie sundaes sans regret this afternoon. can this day get any better?!

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Julia said...

Oh! So good! Like jeans on Friday and cream in my coffee, and grape hyacinths in the spring time good! Amazing to think that she was misunderstood by so many! Oi. Honestly, that's probably one of the hardest parts about being vulnerable on our blogs. The potential of grave misunderstanding.

Thank you darling for coming back to blog world! I've missed you heaps!


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