locavore on a road trip

i love farmers markets. here are a few flicks i took of the st jacobs farmers market - even though it was a somewhat grey/rainy/somewhat chilly weekend, people still came out in hordes. the integration of more Slow philosophy into my life has really emphasized the need & importance for locally-grown and sustained food.. and since then i've become even more infatuated with them. it's like grocery shopping, but more exciting. i love walking through the deli/meat aisle and seeing all of the stuffed chops, steaks and kebabs... they're almost a work of art. (much moreso, i'd say, than the kind that comes from a box that originated at the bottom of your freezer and you need to cut open the airtight freezer bag and scrape the subsequent freezer burn too. this fresh stuff, not so much.

i loved the colours of some of their booths! so bright and vibrant despite the flat grey sky.


Julia said...

Oh, oh! You've captured all of the fun and fabulousness of that farmer's market! The colors are so intense!

I loved the rooster, by the way :) So fun!

Art Kitten said...

Oh I can't wait for our Capital square farmers market! It is so fun and filled with yummy things!

wunderbug said...

thanks guys - i love the rooster pic too! i actually looked a bit like an idiot chasing him and getting him to pose properly... the little bugger kept running away and giving me his backside for photo ops. persistence pays! (even when there's onlookers who think you're a bit nuts..)


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