so. weird. hm.

k, so i don't get it. blogger is being a weirdo. i have no clue about how i managed to change all of my previous blog posts to being teensy-weensy, but somehow blogger's changed it and i don't have the patience to change them all back one by one. i'm going to have to look that one up... i suspect there's something within the coding that i can put as a preset on each new message so i don't have to go fiddle with each and every one after i post, but i still need to figure that one out. and i just got the hang of < / div>, which is my cure-all for every possible problem in my post layout.

sorry - thrilling topic! does anyone else have this problem? or am i the only one with continuous blog post issues?

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Julia said...

Hey there hun! Can't help you on the blogger text size beyond the size you give it when you're typing out the draft :) Didya notice that Etsy's down, COMPLETELY? So strange!

I think red shoes are definitely in order, by the way :) I'll look for you too!


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