oy vey. all i can do is exhaaaaale.

it's a gorgeous day out, and things have been busy. can't wait until friday at 12 {cause it means i don't have to work on my paper anymore and i can focus on - different - fun things.} like making and listing more etsy stuff, finally payin some attention to my poor altered box that i've let fall by the wayside for weeks now.

two things i'm loving today:

01. marta's post on her ever-awesome blog. she's so insightful and charismatic. i love her paraphrase of a quote:

"we pull away from things that are not familiar to us because they are strange and difficult. new things aren't bad, they simply feel foreign to us. but if we always push unfamiliar things away, we will never know what could have been. we'll never push ourselves or test ourselves or get to know our strengths or understand our weaknesses. we will never build our muscles;
physically, emotionally or spiritually. that would surely be a shame. if we always push away what appears to be difficult, we may never treasure the challenging experiences that create who we are. which is what life is really, truly all about."
02) this super cool listing - i've been really big into mixed media art {again, still, whatever} even though i can't honestly say that i've given it a fair try yet. i've wandered into it, then quit 'cause it didnt look the way i'd pictured in my head - or half as good as what i've seen out there. but i'm still interested to keep pluggin' away, especially seeing kal barteski's tiny art. i'm not going to post it here 'cause i haven't asked her permission, but i'll highly recommend pretty much everything she makes. specifically, tiny art #37 and tiny art #34. honestly, seriously. i love the integration of words with colours and images - as a bookworm, i'm a big fan of words. a well-written book or poem {or anything} can be just as effective as a thousand words - if not more. don't get me wrong, i love photography and everything, but as i'd mentioned in a previous post, libraries and i go waaaaay back. we have a little thing, libraries and i. something about the proximity of new information excites me in a very very intense way.


Julia said...

Hurray for the feeling of NEARLY being done :) Whoot, whoot!

I loved your thoughts on libraries, I do understand :)

Also, thank you for the proper introduction to K. Barteski's work! WOW! I love all the color and the text, and the drips, and the WOW!

Art Kitten said...

I love that mixed media piece by hicutiepie as well, I was lusting over it yesterday :)


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