sunshine sunday

back in toronto now. waterloo was great; i love st jacobs. had some of the best pad thai in my whole life while in waterloo. need to find comparable quality around here now.

found an old old (and i mean old) graveyard. super cool, kind of creepy. i even managed to muster up the nerve to walk through it a little bit and have a look at the dates. some of them were from the 1700's, with the engravings all but worn off. gorgeous and serene in a haunting way. will post pics when i'm done writing my paper.

i also went to visit a studio that i'd run across last time mike + i were there; salvaged goods sculpture stuff. super cool. but it was closed, so i sat in the parking lot and took pictures of the goodies outside. (again.) i'll post some of those pics too, when i'm done my paper.

scored a kickin' quiet study room to write in the gorgeous bright markham library and have the window open, letting in the spring breeze.

bought some of julia's candy dots and i can barely wait to get them.

all is good.


Julia said...

I hope you have a stellar rest of your weekend, deary :) And good luck on the paper! Go, Courtney, GO!!!


Art Kitten said...

I love Julia's candy dots!

I also love going through old graveyards, it is one of my favorite things to do!


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