speaking of locavores...

here's something from domino magazine's march 2008 issue, where i stumbled across an article written about one woman's adventure into becoming a locavore for two weeks. interesting and tough stuff to do! i'd love to give it a try except for the fact that it's not cheap. (it's incredibly tragic that the only reason why people don't make better/healthier/more sustainable choices is because of cost effectiveness!)

toronto just hosted the green living show and if it weren't for the fact that i was in waterloo for the weekend, i would have checked it out - particularly since they apparently had some info on affordable sustainable living. (ha - it almost comes out sounding like an oxymoron... affordable + sustainable.)

one of our student staff today recommended a book entitled 'the omnivore's dilemma' by michael pollan... i'd really love to check it out. that is, it's been put on my wish list... behind 12 other books, and i havent added eat pray love to it yet (but would really love to read it, i've heard nothing but good things AND she was spectacular on oprah.

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Julia said...

Hey, I don't think I've ever heard the term "locavore" before! I'm becoming educated :)

It's so true, eating locally, eating organically is not cheap. It's expensive! I make small decisions when I can. Slowly but surely!


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