wiggle and giggle

i'm in waterloo for the weekend for the NODA Region 7 conference . drove down after work today, successfully managing to get lost once on the way down to the hotel, and then found my way here. hotel room's a bit chilly willy, but i can deal with that - apparently a chilly room helps your sleep. i'll guinea pig that theory tonight, then be sure to report back tomorrow.

i've been attempting to catch up on my blog reading (and writing) this past busy week, and here's some videos that were posted on kal barteski's blog (i friggin love that blog!) thet other day. well, the first video was on her blog, and the second two i'd found on my own.

they absolutely kill me. i cant pick which one makes me laugh harder, but each of them gets me every time.


this one laughs like Fat Albert! it's incredible!

and last but not least... this one is just too hilarious to pass over. i think it's awesome how little kids get so worked up when you dont take them seriously. for some reason it wont let me embed the video, so honestly, check out the link. this kid is so cute and concerned and hilarious.

have an awesome weekend and i'll post some of my roadtrip photos tomorrow! it's supposed to be 12 degrees out!! woooot!

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