and furthermore..

enoughist philosophies seem to be following me everywhere.

in the same vein as yesterday's post, here's another gem that i ran into on martawrites, with the image sourced from heartdew. check out her serene muted images at her etsy shop.

i've been making a concerted effort to slow down and notice certain things in my day, taking a minute - however brief - to stand, ankle-deep in that moment, refreshed and reflective. pollyanna as it sounds, it been getting easier and more natural as the days fly by.

today, walking back to my office from a morning meeting, i could smell the same faintly rich pungent smell that the lake at my cottage has, and it reminded me of my childhood spending those everlasting summers paddling in the water, having campfires and smacking mosquitos as we roasted marshmallows.

what are some little things that you might notice in your day that momentarily might take you away for a brief escape?


Jennifer Jeffrey said...

It's so hard, I find, to truly NOT do... that old work ethic is tough to shake. But when I do step off and step back for even a little while, it truly makes a difference.

I love your image of standing "ankle-deep in the moment" - beautiful.

Julia said...

You have awed me, darling! I needed this image, I needed these thoughts, especially today! thank you for sharing!



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