a good dose of perspective

"we often feel compelled to buy our status-boosting goods because our tribal instincts make us measure ourselves materially against our peers, to see if we are doing ok in life. in the developed world, this massively distorts our idea of what we need to be just averagely ok.

wealthy londoners, for example, no longer feel very rich because they don't mix with less affluent people anymore. we need to look wider to the global neighbourhood that technology and travel has brought to our doorsteps.

about half of humanity lives on less than $2 a day. more than 852 million people do not get enough to eat, around 1.6 billion have no electricity and a third of the world's people have never made a phone call.

meanwhile, a fifth of the earth's people buy nearly 90% of all the consumer goods.

that's us, the stressed out guys in the wealthy neighbourhood."

taken from
enough: breaking free from the world of more
by john naish

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