fetishization of the teapot

happy monday everyone! mondays are great days to relax and reflect and gear back up to a busy busy week from the relaxation of a lazy hot weekend (and stellar garage sale finds, might i add!) the best way to relax in a morning is, hands down, with a great big cup of tea. what's even better than a huge cup of tea?

(if you said gorgeous teapots, you're right!)

i can't help it. i have a small thing for teapots. they remind me of my grandmother's old collection that i made sure to inherit when she passed away - a display-only copper one, an uuuugly clay one that i'd made in art class when i was in elementary school (but she displayed it anyhow despite it's lumpy hideousness).

when i was in high school, my friend duncan introduced me to a bubble tea place that had such an incredible intimate atmosphere.. dim lighting, a single tealight burning on every table, along with so many versions of traditional chinese tea and bubble tea. i was hooked. we'd go on long aimless drives several nights a week and would end up at one of many interesting places to sit and sip.

when customers would walk into this place, there was an entire glass display case that doubled as a wall that had three glass shelves, each one holding five asian-inspired teapots -- from that moment onwards, i was in love. not just like - i'm talkin l-o-v-e love. it's funny, since i didn't start drinking tea until very recently... but i just liked the concept of going out for a hot drink and chatting over steaming mugs.

i'd love to make my own display case one day. with my own wheel-thrown gorgeous handmade pots, much like these. one day. when i can afford to buy my own kiln. or even just a potters wheel. or even just figure out how to use one. maybe i should start there, then work my way up. kilns cost about $700 after all - a bit pricey for me to pick up as a first-try venture.

what i love most about these teapots is that they all have their own personality - these two pots (above and below) come from lawatson, remind me of teapots from a fantasy movie - beauty and the beast, or pan's labrynth. i love their curves. they're so interesting to look at. the angle of the handles, the knottiness of it... they're so gnarled and beautiful.


Julia said...

Okay, I too have a teapot fetish! The crazy thing is, I can never finish the whole pot before it goes cold, isn't that sad?

I especially love the knarly one you picked at the bottom of the page!

Massacremike said...

I have to admit, I do not have a teapot fetish. I'd like to say I have a pot fetish cuz maybe that would be cool or funny... but alas, I do not have that either.

Ohhh, I know, I have a Star Wars fetish. And a GI JOE fetish. Okay,okay, if it's a a little, plastic, miniaturized person with a sword or a gun of somesort, with muscles, and can fit in a various little miniaturized vehicles... I like it. Errr, love it.

Crap man, that sounds creepy though. Grrr. Well, so what, some of your tea pots look a lil creepy too. No, seriously. You'd drink stuff out of some of those?


Julia said...

Okay, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog banner! I think this is my favorite right now :)

maile said...

wow! those are amazing! i don't have a teapot fetish, but now i want to have one!

Nabeel said...

love the composition in the first picture. the lighting is superb ...

wunderbug said...

mike - pfft. you're just jealous.

julia - thanks miss! i kind of like it too.. i felt that the old one was too polished. :) and yeah - i dont think i could finish a whole pot either .. i have a huge teacup (actually it's more of a soup-bowl-with-handle) at work that i can never polish off either.

maile- careful.. it's a long slippery slope and you're well on your way!

nabeel - i know, the picture itself is a work of art, in addition to the teapot! it does it great justice.


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