further proof that i [think that i] know a lot about stuff.

i was talking the other day about the value in writing down your goals in life.. and what do you know, here's an article i found in body+soul on doing just that.

sneak peek - step 1

Think Like a Seven-Year-Old

"I'd never heard of life lists until my seven-year-old daughter made one. One day Rachael produced a piece of poster board with the title: "Things I Want to Do." The entries were ambitious: Go to Paris. Go to China. Learn to scuba dive. Be in a movie.

I didn't want to dash her dreams, but it seemed like a good dashing was in order. I was a single parent without much money. We lived in a rented cabin in the Missouri Ozarks. "That's nice," I told her.

By age 12 she'd checked everything off her list. I snagged a writing assignment in Hawaii, and she tagged along and took diving lessons. We were invited on a group trip to China, then used the frequent flier mileage for a trip to Paris. She scored a role as a zombie in a low-budget horror flick being filmed near where we lived (her list didn't stipulate that the movie had to be good).

The point is, Rachael made her list when she was too young to fret about limits. It's a lesson we can all take: Get back to that place you were in as a child, when "limitations" was a word grown-ups said. When you think like a child, you expose your limits as mirages."

i'm thinking of erasing my limits today.


Julia said...

That's so funny, I was JUST reading the same article on my trip to BN :) I really need to get a subscription to Body and Soul, it does me good every time I read it!

I was just thinking about goals this morning, most of them being weight/in-shape type of goals. I was trying to get a more Body and Soul type of mind-frame. So many magazines simply hype about loosing weight, instead of ministering to your overall health. I'm trying to remember that my weight issues melt away when I take time for my soul, my spirit :) Strange how that works!

The Peach Tree said...

Don't you love being in synch :) I should really take all of this advice on goals. Hmm....


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