busy weekend. whoa.

went to our annual family reunion (which was quite possibly the smallest since it's inception in 1994), visited my dad for fathers day. saw the most gorgeous sky on the drive home. the road wound over and around the hills, and the clouds were a panorama of colour - to my left, deepest dark clouds, threatening an incredible lightning storm. further right, the colours melted into hues of deep purple and the most vibrant magenta i've ever seen in a sky in my life. further still, the clouds broke with rays of pink light, backlight by distant lightning. straight ahead down the road, there was the most vibrant rainbow i've ever seen - we could almost reach out and touch it. to our right, the clouds broke and it was entirely blue skies and sunshine. i would've stopped to take a picture of it all if i'd thought it would do it justice... but the light was growing dim and my camera doesn't have manual settings for dusk - nor does it have a tripod. add one more reason why i should buy that digital SLR i've been eyeing...

{the weather's been so weird lately}

today's one of those days where it's threatening rain - the sky is dark and the wind is cold... but i like something about it. something about it is comforting, like nothing else to do but sip a cup of tea and curl up with a book on a gloomy day. one of those days that you spend inside, wearing a warm sweater. quiet. reflective - almost brooding.

i like when days like this when they reflect my mood.

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Julia said...

This is something I can completely connect with! It's a marvelous meeting isn't it, when your emotions are reflected in your surroundings!


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