haay! vacay!

i'm pleased to announce that i booked my vacation today.

um, can you say WOOT?!

i'm so stinkin excited.

due to inspiration from Julia at Red Otter, we were originally looking at going to mackinac island, but decided to nix it (for now!) due to the fact that it'd be about 8 hours travel time. don't get me wrong - i love road trips, but when you're only taking one week vacation, spending two of those precious seven days in a car kind of eats up your relaxing time.

so, after having brainstormed a bit with my friend kelly (who seems hell bent on getting me to the caribbean one of these years), she forwarded me an email for Mont Tremblant, where there was an early booking special that gets you 25% off if you book before June 5. (have i mentioned that i generally travel on a limited budget?) so after having looked at the accomodations and activities that you can do there (which all look spectacular), we decided to book. awwwesome.

(sidenote for other bargain-hunters: anyone who books their vacation at Tremblant 21 days in advance gets 20% off of their visit)

today: well, hanging out. we get off work an hour early in the summertime so i'm outta here at 3:30! tonight, mike and i are going to have a spontaneous night of going out for dinner and then doing whatever we feel like doing next. we may be visiting the street festival in the super-cute downtown area of unionville, where they have craft vendors, street barbecues, outdoor music, and tons of people. or we might prep mike's stuff a little bit for his neighbourhood-wide garage sale this weekend. tomorrow: yep, humungo garage sale. no - street sale. seriously, this thing is the mother of all street sales. it's like everyone in the neighbourhood puts out a little something (or a big something. or multiple little somethings.) either way, it's gonna rock. even if it thunderstorms the way that the weatherman is predicting.

OH! and yesterday was my little sister's prom. aw. so cute. she looked like a celebrity - no joke. her hair was spectacular (not typical prom-hair curly updo) and her makeup and dress were incredible. pics to come.

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Julia said...

Someday you'll make it to Mackinac! And it'll be divine! In the mean time i can't wait to hear about your other vacation planned, it sounds divine, absolutely divine :)

By the way, would've loved to have seen your sister all dolled up for prom! Did you do her hair?


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