weekend getaway

holy crap.

i can't believe it's friday already. where did the week go? it's been packed with orientation-related website updates at work done at the speed of light, trying to minimize my carb intake -which is going well, except for the unfortunate handful cheerios that made their way into my digestive system... {how did you manage to jump into my mouth, little buddies?} and prepare my clothes and art stuff for going to visit my dad this weekend. i've never been a light packer, but i seriously think the trunk of my little car is ready to burst.

this weekend: i'll be rejuvenating, reading my book (almost done enough, will be starting deep economy as soon as i've put my other one down). i'll be doing creative things - who knows what, specifically. i've left my polymer clay and jewelry stuff at home, and have instead brought my paints, brushes, and an old old old hardcover copy of pride & prejudice that i bought in a used bookstore for $1 for me to be creative all over. i'm pretty excited. i'll also be sleeping and sitting in the sunshine on the deck. going for walks, going to the mariposa market to shop and take pictures. it's gonna be great. so long as it doesnt rain. (hell, if it does, i'll just do it all inside. minus sitting on the deck.)
OH! plus, check out these homegrown tomato pincushions sent to me via email by my good friend martha stewart. these are so stinkin cute, i wanna make some even though i'd have no use for them. lovely!

note: the link i've included for enough is from the UK amazon site because it's actually got reviews... and i like reviews.
image courtesy of londoncanada


Jennifer Jeffrey said...

Have a great weekend, Courtney! Sounds like a wonderful itinerary...

(love the idea of doing art in an old book. I've seen a few, and think it's grand.)

Julia said...

How was your weekend? I'm dying to know! I love that photo you posted of the adirondack chair! *sighs*

How blissful!

Massacremike said...

We call it a Muskoka chair up here!


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