all holed up with plenty to do

how stinkin cute are these felted magnets and letters from MiChiMa?! They're quite possibly my new favourite things.

today: last day of work before the university closes down for the holidays and i'm on vacation for 3 weeks! awesomeness abounds. i'll be holed up in my house, scratching that creative itch for the next lil bit. it's gonna be creative output city; just you wait and see. we're expecting a snowstorm extraordinaire tomorrow (they're talkin 27cm of snow.. which is about 14", give or take...) so i've got full intentions to spend the entire day inside; while everyone else is at work, i'll be cleaning and then creating and then quite possibly having a nap.

what a fantastic start to a vacation!

1 comment:

Julia said...

An entire day INSIDE :) That's my type of BLISS! Enjoy, darling!

These magnets are stinkin' cute! You're right!


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