over to you, lloyd...

reporting updates from the toronto OOAK show...

too-cute bags by becky caulford of the honeybea design hive (those oversized buttons are what drew me in!) the bags are super soft and such high quality, i'd highly recommend it to someone who's looking for a new one!

i was
thisclose to buying some work by award-winning potter Marie-Joël Tréma, but because of all the money i've spent on kal barteski's art this month i figured i couldn't budget it. but seriously, keep an eye out for her stuff - it's absolutely gorgeous and i need it on my walls.

{it's kind of difficult to tell from her gallery, but her pieces are individually crafted ceramic tiles with various textures, patterns and colours, mounted on a thick polished wood frame.)

finally, the above photos are pieces from gisele theriault of the barber's daughter. what gorgeous, gorgeous work. i love it.


please sir said...

Thanks for the updates - great finds!

An Atlanta Bride said...

I love original stuff!

Julia said...

These pieces look so much like you :) I love them!


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