road trippin kinda weekend

my little car clocked a few kilometres this weekend on our latest road trip; saturday, we headed down to the niagara wine region for a tasting and tour at hillebrand estates winery, a walk around the falls, and a drive through the countryside.

on sunday, we decided to head up north to my late great aunt and uncle's farm, the stables of which have been recently converted into a super cute antiques shop by their two sons. before fleeing back down south from our first winter storm, i managed to convince everyone that a stop at the mariposa market in orillia was in order. as luck would have it, we had unwittingly stumbled upon their customer appreciation day and were the proud recipients of all of their free samples of baking and mulled apple cider. mm.

toasty, full and tired from all the fresh air, we headed back home for a roast beef dinner and weathered the storm with a great bottle of wine.

fantastique. what'd you get up to?


please sir said...

Sounds amazing! Ohh how I wish I was there!

Distressing Delilah said...

Beautiful pictures! Found your blog on blogcatalog...jealous of your trip to the winery!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That looks like an amazing adventure!!!


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