my laptop seems to be rebelling against me again. first it was freaking out and had amnesia, now it wont boot up. i've been doing some investigating on the nerd forums and i think i know what's wrong with it, but it's gonna require a reformat and reinstall - and after that, i have to hope it's not a hardware problem otherwise my anticipated laptop purchase may come sooner than i was originally planning it.

does anyone have any recommendations?

my only stipulation are that it's gotta have good processing power so that i can run photoshop and a few other programs at once, it's gotta be fairly affordable (i'm talkin under $1000 cdn), and portable, since the current one is kind of heavy. finally, i'm not looking for a mac. (sorry, mac people. nothing personal - just that they're outside my price range and all of my existing software is meant for windows.)

i've been really eyeing the dell inspiron mini 12 or more recently, an hp one that i met in best buy... i currently have an acer and am incredibly dissatisfied with it; i started having problems with it two months after the warrantee was up. so... what do you have? do you like it? would you buy that brand again?

{in the meanwhile, posting is gonna be more sporadic. i'm going to try to keep to as much of a regular schedule as possible, but can't guarantee every day posts until i can figure out my computer situation.}

a little ray of sunshine, though...

mike had his first sale at his etsy shop today! woohoo for him!

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