it's that time again

i've been buying like crazy on etsy - i dont know whether it's the time of year or the fantastic items that i've been coming across lately - or a combination of both - but it's darn near impossible to swing by there for a quick visit to leave some feedback without stumbling across something else that i absolutely need to buy.

today's purchase: susyjack's deluxe 2009 wall calendar. mm. it's my second year of getting these calendars.. i love how vibrant they are, yet not overwhelming. i hang them in my office wall, three months at a time, as a way to brighten up the dull beige of the cubicle - they're among one of the most frequently complimented items that i have in there.
i can't wait for the 2009 round!


Taylor said...

I'm a new visitor to your blog and I love it. Gorgeous letterpress calendars---they are divine. Etsy is such a guilty pleasure of mine, too.

Julia said...

Oohh, babe, this is so cool! I love all the colors!


I think I may never fall out of LOVE w Etsy! Happy Holidays*


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