back in the saddle

holy hannah! are we done yet?!

so... seriously now. i'm getting tired. today was supposed to be one of my many planned uber-productive days but no dice - it never really happened. not sure why. (well, i'm sure why - it's because i felt the urge to get this laptop thing wrapped up once and for all and i wanted to visit best buy onemoretime just to make sure that i got the one that's the absolute right one for me).

holy indecisive, batman.

i'm looking at a super cool one who's screen rotates around and turns into a tablet. i'm not going to geek out here with the deets, but trust me when i say that it's fantastic. we'll see. after that, we did some driving around and errands, and now it's most definitely too late to pull out my awesome prismacolour pencils (mishmish gift) and tabletop easel (ditto) and get rockin.

off i go.


Julia said...

HURRAY!!! Good luck with those final decisions, love :)

Julia said...

Okay, didya get it yet? :)

Massacremike said...

Hee - You said "Batman".

That's my girl :D


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