first official of 2009

ok, ok, ok. i thought i should make an official welcome for 2009 to wunderbug.

i promise i'll be settling into a more regular posting schedule in the next few days - this relaxing and vacation stuff really gets to a girl. yesterday was mike's birthday (happy happy to mister mike) but aside from that, the break's not quite been filled with as much productivity as i'd intended. but hey - that's life. at least i'm relaxed, which means that ideas are flowing like nobody's business.

(if you're good, i'll share a few peeks though, in a few days. stay tuned!)

in the meanwhile, though, check out this cowel & beret from softspoken - not only are they awesome colours, but they're sure to keep you toasty (and trendy) until spring.

(which i'm ready for too, by the way.)

1 comment:

please sir said...

Welcome 2009! Happy New Year!!!


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