it's a whirlwind kind of day

how stinkin awesome is this print from wordsarepictures?! i'm so completely in love with it. hello, bright colours. they remind me of the summer. they remind me of the spring. they remind me of everything that is the polar opposite of this cold + grey winter day.

i'm on a spring kick. it's only january but i'm more than ready to do my part and speed up it's arrival. speaking of which, i'm loving this post over at modish; it makes me dream of that spring smell. you know - when it smells kind of like mud and melting and crocuses pushing through the soil. i'm stalking martha stewart to see what goodness she has up her sleeve. i'm tempted to plant myself a bunch of tomato seeds and a herb garden a few months early and cross my fingers.. maybe the groundhog will miss his shadow (and my lil indoor garden) and make spring come sooner?

other pretty
non-spring-related things - i came across an awesome blog - i love typography. i excitedly shared it with my designer friend who apparently already knew about it... so i guess i'm out of the loop. regardless - cool site. a few big shows coming up in the next two months... the interior design show is something that i've never been to.. but it's caught my eye and will give me something to look forward to in the next few weeks.. and then there's canada blooms. ahhh. nothing says spring (rather, late winter..) as canada blooms. i wouldn't dare miss it for the world.

ok, so that one was somewhat spring related.}

finally, this honey-mustard cowl by daylite and dark... augh dear GOD
i need it. i'm still not over my mustarad yellow phase. am beginning to question whether it's a phase indeed, or a way of life.

.. you think i can start a cult of mustard yellow followers?

(ps - happy inauguration day, to all you americans out there! hooray for change!)

1 comment:

Julia said...

I'm in love with that print as well, there's so much to love!

wouldn't it be nice to have an early spring?


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