i've got my love to keep me warm

instead of griping about the bitter, bitter cold today, i've decided to search flickr for photos of toronto, cause i love this city. (even when it's giving me frostbite!)

enjoy. keep warm. happy thursday.

1. Autumn Ride !, 2. rock soup, 3. flare, 4. exsiccate, 5. The Secret Red Door, 6. Pickering Nuclear - HDR, 7. Arch, 8. guild inn - wall, 9. McCowan Road Pedestrian Overpass, Thursday December 11, 2008, Scarborough Ontario Canada - 003, 10. nuit blanche toronto ROM2, 11. Snow falling in Toronto, 12. Toronto Urban Summer scene, 13. Scarboruogh Bluffs Toronto 2, 14. The Goof, 15. The Fireball, 16. Victorian row houses, Toronto


Massacremike said...


I saw the headline and expected my pic beneath it. But that's not what I found when I clicked through. >:(

Julia said...

I love these images! It helps me see you better!

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

Wow you have a great eye. Love the pictures alot!


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