an ode to domino magazine (may it rest in peace)

dear domino magazine,

i'm so sorry to hear the sad news of your passing.

i must admit, that i read you only half-heartedly for a while because i had other (more "me") magazines in my life, but once blueprint folded, you became one of my nearest and dearest. you managed to keep my attention when the love affair with real simple had cooled, which is something that even i once considered to be an impossible feat.

domino, even though martha's got some pretty sweet ideas about organization and decoration, lets face it - she just doesn't have that interesting personality that you do. yes, i admit that i subscribe to her and not to you but i didn't mean it - promise.

it's a real shame. wish just doesnt do it for me. i'm not looking for a magazine to tell me how to lose 10 pounds while making my lips look fuller while wearing this season's perfect dress and making the perfect hor d'oeuvres for my oh-so-stylish dinner party (and oh, did you notice my chic new ottoman? you didn't? it's probably because your attention was drawn away by the newly reinvented me. reinvention is the new black in 2009. didn't you know?)

all melodrama aside, i'm not sure when i'm going to be able to find another decor magazine that isn't too industry-weird and makes me feel like an outsider wearing jeans and flip flops at a cosmic space-age fashion show. (i hate that.) really, pre-fab and modular homes may look cool, but who can afford them?

dammit, why do all the good ones have to go?


Anonymous said...

I knooww... So sad... :(

Emily said...

i worked at domino before it even launched so yesterday's news (though kind of expected) hit close to home. i do still have the first issue of Blueprint though (which inspired my Hunter boots purchase!).

Rachel said...

Isn't it sad? It was nice having a younger design magazine.

Julia said...

It's so so sad... let's weep together!


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