remember green?

it's so cold out this week; it makes me miss the lushness of spring and summer. this weekend was spent holed up inside, keeping warm and staying productive; this upcoming week promises to be shaping up into a pretty busy one - i've got my fingers crossed to somehow find the energy.

it'll be great.

most of my weekend was spent dorking out with mike, watching the terminator tv show. although i was a doubter beforehand, i'm kind of addicted to it. (brutal!)

how was your weekend?


Massacremike said...

Never doubt a seasoned nerd like me. And how was your weekend so "productive" when mine was spent trouble-shooting computer networks and shoveling snow?

Now my Obama portrait won't be ready for inauguration day!

Ah well...

Taylor said...

Love the photos...mmm...can't wait for Spring!!! This cold stuff is no fun at all.

please sir said...

I can't WAIT to see green again...miss spring so much!

Cassandra said...

Yum, I love it! I am -so- over winter.

Julia said...

You're so funny, "dorking out with mike" :)


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