world, meet roots. roots, meet world.

it's not the best scanning job in the world but it's the best that i could do until i re-install photoshop on my new laptop tomorrow. when i get a chance, i'm going to re-scan and then i'll do a close-up of the words so that you don't have to click on the image to see the superhuman-sized image. i also finished my little houses last night, in watercolour, which is a different look and feel from roots but pretty sweet nonetheless (if i do say so myself).

this weekend is gonna be super productive; i can feel it already! it holds tons of possibility. i'm hoping to get rolling with some of my polymer clay sculpture ... i dont even know if what i'm hoping to do is possible yet. it could be either a giant eureka! moment or a giant flop. i've a few more paintings that have been brewing that i wanna get working on, and on top of that, i'd like to go on another adventure with mike (he's unaware of this development so far, so we'll see if he reads todays post and finds out?)

good times. after that, it's back to work for me on monday. it's been nice not having to pay attention to the date or time, and to be able to paint into the wee hours of the night just because i feel like it. i'll miss that.

what are your weekend plans?


Julia said...

This is so excellent, Court, I mean, I will want to buy a print type of excellent :)

My weekend will hopefully involve lots of chilling!

Taylor said...

This is so cool!!!!!

My weekend involved lots of quilting, cleaning, and errand running. Hope yours was excellent!


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