wunderbug, obama-fied. (inaugurally)

ok, so i felt a little bit left out yesterday what with all of the inauguration posts and all. so now - i'm going to play a little catch up.

things i didn't do:
i didnt make cupcakes, nor did i stand on the couch and cheer (my coworkers would have thought me loopy). i haven't made myself an obamicon (yet), or draw an in-the-works inaugural masterpiece. no siree, bob.

things i did do:
we got to set up our huge tv in our meeting room to stream the inauguration on CNN; my boss ordered the department pizza. we sat and munched happily while watching the new president get sworn in, and then all 25 of us listened in silent admiration at his inaugural speech. (loved it. he should give his speechwriter a quiche.)

i've got to admit; we up here in canada have caught obama fever.. i think the heat waves from the new high of patriotism is kind of infectious. we're kind of jealous, up here. it's true. us canadians are big on our canadian winters, maple syrup and ice wine (oo! the ice wine!) but americans have taken it to a whole new level of awesome.

congrats on a momentous new era. xo


Art Kitten said...

ooh ice wine? I have never heard of it, it sounds yummy! I didn't do anything too spectacular yesterday, but I did make my husband and I a celebratory banana split for dessert :)

Julia said...

Very awesome :) It took some convincing for the department to get together in the lunchroom for cupcakes :)

Rachel said...

Aren't his speeches great? Of course, coming off the last 8 years leaves one with a low standard, but I'm pretty sure I would think they were awesome anyways.
Ice wine? Now I'm curious. When I visited friends in Canada we drank something that I believe was called ginger and rye. Sadly, I don't remember much about it, except that it was strong. Really strong.

Anonymous said...

Haha! You made me laugh with your quiche statement!! ;)

What is ice wine?!?

Aqib said...

oh Obama fever certainly has caught everyone down here....more actually. Must be the newest bug going around...now if I had a boss like that I'd be set...

Amanda said...

Ice wine is delish. Mmmm.

And I'm all for more people giving people quiches. Quiche is also delicious.


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