what a difference the sun makes

quelle gorgeous (and quick!) weekend. because my mom and i went down to niagara falls on friday, it feels like i managed to sneak an extra day into my schedule which was super helpful for relaxation and getting a chance to hang out with my cousin, his wife and daughter (who's a very grown up six year old; it's been a while since i've seen her!)

we managed to cram a cross-border shopping trip into the weekend (gaaaahd when will target ever make the jump up to canada?!), where i managed to score quite a few fantastic deals, including a piece of deep red resin coral (which i've been looking for forever), a sweet new hat and belt, and a t-shirt for the gym. noice.

after staying up til 2:30am catching up on girl talk, we got up early to head to hannah's early-morning soccer game. (six year olds playing soccer is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.) we headed home saturday (above pics were taken on the back roads while i was leisurely driving back to mike's house), and my good friend kelly came over that night for dinner, wine and a movie that we never quite made it to.

sunday was a relaxing day because it was a do-whatever-you-want-spontaneously sort of day, which for mike and i translated into a driving adventure up to brantford, and then working our way back south again armed with tim hortons and a camera. after we got back into the city, had dinner out with my mom, followed by (yet another) good cup of coffee and nanaimo bars around the kitchen table for more good chats.

what a great weekend. what did you do?


Massacremike said...

Ummm, I did pretty much the same as you. And of course it felt like you snuck another day into your schedule... because you did by taking Friday off work!!!

Oh, and it was Bradford we went to, not "Brantford". (Just keeping you in check.) ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes!!! SUNNN! ;D

Rachel said...

Yum. What an amazing weekend! And many thanks for stimulating our economy. I can't even risk stepping foot in Target right now, if I want to keep my shopping hiatus going.

Mics AKA Lunatiger said...

oh my goodness...gorgous photos! The sun does make a difference...

picciolo said...

hi, thanks for your kind comments on my blog! Your weekend sounds great, and I love your photos, sun and snow, what a great combination
: )


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