linky love

hullo friday!

it's gonna be tight today, so i'm going to have to love you then leave you (with some links to random things that i think are utterly fantastic).

01) these are delicious and fantastic to use in every recipe worth cooking.

02) love the candles in this birthday cake - they remind me somehow of the maypole. or maybe just springtime. or maybe just... springtime colours. remember those? and sunshine? and outdoor barbecues? (and don't you want to stick your finger right in the icing?!)

03) these posters-slash-cards from the ever-talented kal barteski

04) super-cute valentiney love here (even though i'm one of those scrooges who disagrees with the entire commercialized shebang and would rather spend my valentines as an unvalentines day and go out and do the romance thing another night. or nights. hell - or days. whenever i want. just to stick it to the man.)

05) speaking of scroogey anti-valentines tendencies, have a look at one of mike's new ACEO line.

bonne fin de semaine!


Massacremike said...

Ha ha ha - thanks for the plug!

Now I'll rise above two sales for sure! Errrr, maybe? I hope. Please?

I guess it would help if I actually got on the ball and had some Valentine's... or even anti-Valentine's content in my shop.

Oh well... I'll just keep slugging away.

Thanks again for the plug ;)

Rachel said...

I both embrace and reject Valentine's day. I don't do the whole romance thing, but I do love the cards. These are great!

Julia said...

You have some super fun links here, darlin'! And Mike, those are some GREAT ACEOs!

Have a great weekend!



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