put cha hands togetha

hello you big beautiful world! i'd like to introduce you to a little preview of what i've been working on - this is the pencilcrayoned (?) version of it; the finished product will be in watercolour.

after this, there's another sketch that i've got plans for and two additional ones following up the rear. finally, i've got a sweet new idea to use my polymer clay for sculpture... i've kind of fallen away from jewelry making for the last little while - while i enjoy it, i haven't had much time to dedicate to it and not much space for all of my supplies. not to mention, i find it very difficult to produce when you're feeling uninspired - particularly since the jewelry market is so incredibly saturated as-is.

i'm thinking that my shop will most likely see a bit less jewelry and a wider variety of things; the jewelry-making for etsy, i think, will go on the back burner.

yesterday was spent drawing a little bit, watching canada kick sweden's ass at the world junior hockey game (go canada!), and then drawing a little bit more. sweet, sweet day.

all in all, a pretty sweet start for '09. how about you?


Julia said...

You inspire me! I'm loving these cute little homes, I want to imagine what it would be like to walk up and into one of these gems! How darling!

I adored all your advice and wisdom in my post this week about "what's holding you back!" It was such good advice! THANK YOu!! It's marvelous to see you following your own advice, BRAVO!!!

Taylor said...

love the drawings, they are be-you-ti-ful! and thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you did! :)


Deirdre said...

I have to agree with you about the jewelry --it's tough out there! These watercolours of yours are just beautiful!


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