busy like a bee

super busy day lined up for today. have an article to write, a program to run, students are coming back to class next week after a 12-week long strike at the university (so glad to have them back!), and a birthday present for my dad to arrange. it's gonna be a day of making lists, reading lists, and crossing things off lists. and coffee. lots of it.

i'd would love to have it in this not a paper cup cup. i'm sure it'd be delicious, particularly coming out of such a chic reusable container.

what does your day have in store for you?


please sir said...

Lots of busy here too...wish the day was longer!

blazedanielle said...

Oh I hope you have a good busy day! Looks like your list will help you out! :) I need to do some serious artwork today! :)

Taylor said...

I am slammed too. Dissertation, casenotes, reports...Oh, the joy of the busy day.
My Dad's birthday is tomorrow...when is your Dad's birthday?

Rachel said...

Busy as well. What is it about Wednesdays?
I love those cups, but I'm always afraid I would break one. I wonder how sturdy they are.

marta said...

ooh i love that cup. oh my rad. lovely blog too, miss.


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