calloo, callay, no work today

ok everyone, i've been featured on Profiles, a zine for toronto area designers!

you can check me out here. (woot - thanks cassandra!) you'll notice, also, a sweet little image on the right hand side of my blog - for your convenience. even though the zine features primarily stuff & people in the toronto area, it's an awesome site to visit to find other talented designers & artists no matter where you live... so use the link to redirect you to the zine anytime you're interested in seeing what cool stuff is goin on over there!

today, i'm working on yet another piece that i'm pretty stoked about. i've got still more ideas that i've been jotting down as they come to me, which i love. i haven't felt this inspired in a while, so it's pretty great that 2009 is being kind to me so far. i'm off til next monday, and plan to batten down the hatches and be a one-girl production factory until then. just you wait, thursday. i'm gonna get cha.

another awesome thing that i'd almost forgotten about is etsy's tag fractal search function. i know that it was just in test mode when etsy presented it before, but i lovelove it. it's been one of the most helpful search functions that they've unveiled thus far... and the only one i use aside from categories search. (um, search by colour? time machine? no thanks, they're pretty and all, but i never find anything from there!) tag fractal is definitely where it's at. the pictures i've posted today are all finds from my most recent fractal search, just clicking randomly on tags i wouldn't usually think to enter. click on the image to redirect you to the shop.

love. it.


Taylor said...

duuuuuuuude that is so awesome about Profiles! YAY!!!!! You're all famous and stuff. Waaay awesomeness. Fantastico! :)

BTW...Loved your comment on my blog about the plaid pants...made me laugh out loud! :)

Anonymous said...

Yay no work!! Enjoy the day off! And yay for being inspired too! Can't wait to see what you do!!

Julia said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the Profiles feature, I'm just running over and checking it out! Hun, it looks GREAT!


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