manic monday

not much time to post today, but i wanted to share a new obsession.

i can't remember whether i first saw it in blueprint or domino, but i think that coral is the height of decorative je-ne-sais-quoi. it was in an all-white office with bursts of colour, and it was on the creative director's desk, all natural and gorgeous-like.

(mind you, i wouldn't want to purchase real coral.. just the artificial stuff because it prevents unnecessary harvesting from the ocean. plus, if you think of it, using real dead coral is kind of like putting a corpse on display on your shelf. yech.)

anyhow, i'd kill for a gorgeous piece of artificial coral like the one in the foreground. how lovely!

gorgeous white resin coral from seaside inspired.


Anonymous said...

So pretty! I don't know if it is the combination of your header, profile pic, and this post, but visiting your blog is like a little trip to the ocean! ;) Thanks for the inspiration! :)

please sir said...

So lovely and I would love it too - but also not the real kind. These would do just fine!

Julia said...

I love it! I wonder where you pick up a piece of the fake kind? If you find a spot, let me know! It's beautiful!

Happy Tuesday, deary!


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